ARGUS WFM CC is an integrated approach to contact center management

The contact center profitability and the quality of directly delivered services depend on the productivity of employees and the possibility of operational control over the situation. The ARGUS WFM CC system will help to find a balance between the costs of payroll and service quality. It ensures necessary and sufficient number of qualified agents online, and customers do not have to wait long for an answer!

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What benefits will you get with the ARGUS WFM CC system?

It’s simple!
You will save your working time and money, which you can invest in your CC development!

 Get rid of routine! 
Your employees will no longer spend hours to forecast the workload and plan the
agents work – the system will perform all the calculations in several minutes!

 No emergency work and shutdown! 
With the accurate forecast, force majeure rarely happens, which
means your employees will work as planned and stress-free.

 Constant SL. 
Deviation is not more than 3%.

 Flexible settings. 
The system can be adjusted to any demands of your contact center: work schedules,
shift work, the agents’ requests, etc.

 Nothing extra. 
The staff will quickly master easy-to-understand interface and appreciate the easy-to-
work system.

 In touch with changes.At any time. 
The prompt alerts system makes management easier than ever.

 Stay one step ahead. 
The system will provide you with the necessary information for making strategic
and operational decisions.

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